Thursday, 28 January 2016

SNITCHING Diecisiete

Greg Dyke is being forced to step down when his contract terminates in the summer...
... or, as the mainstream media would have you believe, he is not seeking a further term.

But look at him.

He's been in danger since allowing the Hodgson template to remain in control after the worst England World Cup performance ever, their only group stage exit and the only tournament without a victory - due to the manager's intriguing selection policies, inappropriate linkages and strategies.

Then there was the pretence of being the man responsible for Blatter walking when Andrew Jennings was that man. The acceptance (and the initial refusal to return) the £16K Parmigiani watch given as a FIFA gift/bribe showed how keen Dyke was on reform of the body.

And then there was the interesting agreement to back Michel Platini for next FIFA president despite certain evidences being available.

And then there is the ongoing lack of oversight by the FA of the pgMOB body of referees and that particular bodies link to ######### #####. English football (Premier League, Championship and FA Cup are the most corrupted tournaments in the major territories in Europe (along with La Liga).

And then there is the failure of the FA to monitor the use of Performance Enhancing Substances in the Premier League - a situation exposed internally by StatDNA (the analysts behind Arsenal) and then exposed externally by Nicole Sapstead (CEO of UKAD) who has stated: "I think it's foolish for any sport to think they're immune from doping. I really do... If you were an outsider looking in, you would go: 'This doesn't feel right'" - comments that the FA described as "unhelpful"! We have evidence of doping at several clubs in EPL.

And then there are Dyke's neo-Thatcherite employment tactics which require no further comment in this place.

Now the scrap begins to be the next psycho at the trough.

Good fuckin' riddance, Dyke.